Timeline: California Responds to Coronavirus


in total

This timeline shows how the California state and local governments have tackled the evolving COVID-19 crisis since the first case was discovered.

As the novel coronavirus crisis unfolds, events and days can merge.

The timeline below shows key state and local actions, as well as the relevant federal and even global context of the pandemic. You can jump to day 1 here.

Jackie Botts, John Osborn D’Agostino, Matt Levin and Richard Procter contributed to this timeline.

The total number of Californians tested comes from daily press releases from the California Department of Health. Overall positive cases and deaths are from the New York Times coronavirus database. Reporting of tests and case numbers is delayed by a day or two. As of March 31, 2020, patient numbers for hospitals will be taken from the California Open Data portal. These numbers are approximate as not every hospital has reported their numbers to the state. You can find the hospital numbers here.


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