Horse and pony rescued from California mudslides


A horse and pony in Northern California are safe after being stuck in the mud for up to 18 hours, according to a statement from the SPCA Monterey County.

The mare and pony were caught in the mud in Salinas late Wednesday evening after the area suffered a debris flow during recent heavy storms.

After the mud flow destroyed their fence, the animals apparently wandered out of their enclosure and got stuck.

When the owners spotted the animals on Thursday morning, they were submerged in chest-deep mud and could not move.

Rescuers from several Bay Area fire departments, who were already on site to help with storm damage, worked for hours to rescue the animals with a front loader. They were also assisted by neighbors with shovels and other tools.

The SPCA Monterey County rescue workers transported the two animals to the Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic for overnight care. Vets say the couple finally stopped shaking Friday and are eating and drinking, according to SPCA Monterey County.


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